The Abigail Felix

Talking to myself. In public.


Remember that.

I barely have enough for myself. 


Why haven’t we come to this Dim Sum place until yesternight?

I’ve had the best Hakaw and Machang yet from Causeway Seafood Restaurant. Yuummmm.

Life can’t be solved. It can only be managed.
-It’s Kind of a Funny Story

Had a refill for my FranklinPlanner. :)

Happy birthday, Apple! Here’s to more road trips—surprise road trips!

photo by @direkmyles

Dear Tin,

Hindi naman talaga ako unfair. Buti nalang for fair skin to. HAHA!!!


So do you like bread?

Me to @huydeh :

And Joyce, please don’t cry. Because if you cry, KC will cry. And when she cries, Alex will cry. Then Chester will cry too—Father will cry!

And you know how I feel about people crying. I can try holding it in. But I’m not always good at it. I might cry. So please don’t cry.