The Abigail Felix

Talking to myself. In public.

The only disability in life is a bad attitude.
— 出典:Matthew Jeffers, from Momentum(The Chrome Extension)

The best thing I heard today.

  • After my lengthy explanation of my Parents Orientation Crisis and Solution:
  • Nena: You sound so bad. You go home na after that.
  • Oh, joy. My cubicle is a freedom wall.

    @huydeh knows how to charm me with Sharks and Koalas.

    The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens Workshop is done!

    I’d have to say that this was a pretty good thing to show for—it being my first time to head a workshop on my own.

    I’m sure this is nothing for the Public Workshop team who does it weekly (can’t compare myself to Chester, Panch, and the cronies), but yeah. I just feel like I’ve accomplished something. Like contributing to the growth of the company.

    It has been a long crunch time, working for this from sales to logistics. The 10 cancellations has been heart breaking, but I hope to have another successful encore session by December.

    After packing up, I was kind of a happy zombie dragging myself out of Ateneo. Happy. And restless. And my mind buzzing still. So glad that my boss, Nena, gave me a ride to a good drop off point. Also, thank God for a cabbie who agreed to take me to Valenzuela. (Miracles happen, people!)

    Now, I lost my voice, caught a cold, and am feverish. But I have one last leg—special parents orientation (for those who were not able to attend the session) tomorrow.

    No one’s gonna read this post, I know. Just let me put it out there, ‘cause I’m amazed in spite of my stolen weekend (and you know how I feel about my weekend taken away from me, right, Tumblr, old buddy?).

    Grateful that God is always with me, keeping me at peace especially at the times I feel that extra squeeze. For Nena, and the Education team who’ve been very supportive. To Kit, who is a hero for me. Carlo, for turning up for the workshop with half a day’s notice. Joyce, who practically worked with me even if she’s left the company already.

    And the home I go to every single day.

    Will post better photos soon.

    Oh, can you feel the gravity falling?
    Calling us Home.
    — 出典:Brooke Fraser, Deciphering Me
    We are shown
    We’re helpless on our own
    But every chance we get we run

    Oh no Sunday, don’t go!!!

    Here’s to the twilight
    here’s to the memories
    these are my souvenirs
    my mental pictures of everything
    — 出典:Souvenirs by Switchfoot

    Always good vibes on when I see Alex. :*

    "Apply face to concrete floor. Remain until satisfied."

    Oh I remember this day.

    Super enjoyed these works of art in Australian International School. :)

    So my friend surprised me with this boost. Guess how I got even more surprised to learn that she changed her name.

    Mais x Mariko

    My feet needed the royal treatment.