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These arrived fresh this morning on my desk. All two thousand of them. So glad to finally have it on print. It was a very long month dealing with it.

  • Lianne: Ang cute mo naman ngayon.
  • A: Ikaw din naman eh.
  • L: Oo, araw araw akong cute. Ikaw ngayon lang.
  • Black and white with KC.

    The story of Lazarus being brought back to life stunned me in the small group discussion. I’ve heard it so many times before but not the same as I heard it earlier with collective thoughts.

    It was very special to me how Jesus, after being under the threat of stoning [to death] still went ahead to visit his dead friend whom he loved. All over the passage (John 11) was His love written for him. How he defied the impending danger, how he wept—not cried—for Lazarus’ death. His love for the sisters, and how the whole thing moved him to bring him back to life.

    It was such Irony that in the height of His popularity in healing, Lazarus, a very close friend, died. It doesn’t make sense. Jesus chose to stay two more days before going to the rescue, plus travel time. He ended up visiting Lazarus’ cold corpse instead of the ill one that only asked to be healed.

    I can relate to the doubt Martha had—If only You were here earlier, Lord!
    I get her. I’m no stranger to such questions: why did that have to happen? You’re sovereign!
    And up to now I don’t have the specific answers.

    What assures me is that I know that His plans are far greater than any of us will ever have, that He is in control, and that He is good. For most of this life, there are things that just doesn’t make sense. But just like in this story, it all comes to the bigger picture where the story concludes to the glory of God.

    Had such a great day today. Attended CBCM’s service, and joined the small group.

    'Cause I sleep where I wanna if I sleep at all.

    Oh, got me again, Brooke.

    We are designed to be filled by the Holy Spirit. You can impact your home, school, work place. Just be in the presence of God.
    — 出典:PJNB


    Watercolour Quick by Nicky Laatz.

    This is an all inclusive, easy to use kit of everything you’d ever need to whip up a watercolour masterpiece, high resolution, or low resolution, in 5 seconds flat.

    Once you have applied your effect, you can tweak it even more by simply sliding the scale up and down to create literally a million different effects with the same watercolour..and even MORE variation on that by simply moving the watercolour itself around to suit your design as you see fit ( A short and sweet tutorial jpeg is included for those who need a little help ).

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    Even riding the MRT has its requirements.

    1. Fan (Train car number two only has faint blows of air-conditioning—if not totally broken down)
    2. Water (it gets dehydrating most times)
    3. Energy. You will need it. Trust me. I might binge on Red Bull every Friday now.
    4. Pain Killers.
    5. Music player. (Complaints will kill you. Shut it out.)

    Hand model: Chum