The Abigail Felix

Talking to myself. In public.

Me and my cronies at Makati, we have a #10000 reasons thing going on. We use it for the things we are thankful for. Even the most minute ones.

Today, while I was in line to get into a train, they announced that they will be serving only from North Ave. to Shaw Blvd. Three stations short from where I alight. 

You might think that’s nothing. I agree, it shouldn’t be. But the problem is, it’s the morning rush hour, and almost everyone works in Makati. So, there would most probably an Exodus by Shaw station. I imagined the grappling I had to do to get a cab or a bus. It’s gonna be tough. Especially that it’s raining. So I braced myself for the worst. 

But sitting in a car train, the management announced that services are back to normal.

I breathed in and said Hallelujah. It would have been tough. Tired and recovering as I am. :)


peanut butter pretzel ice cream / recipe

I desperately want one. Too bad I can’t. For two horrendously long weeks.

Touch me, I’m golden and wild as the wind blows.
— 出典:Bat for Lashes

Yes, seriously. That should help.

It’s sickness that brings us together. Sadly. I am getting the hang of staying at home with Nix staying in too. And yes, sleeping in.

And my favorite character is The Countess.

Killing spree. I realized that Downton Abbey is a melodramatic Game of Thrones.

Why would you kill a Matthew Crawley? He winged being of title, and survived the war, was miraculously cured from a hideous spinal injury, has gotten a child, and then disappointingly, was killed by a lousy car crash. 

I could have gotten over it if he was assassinated! 

Ugh. Dressing up is exhausting. :/

Since last night, I have been throwing up and now I am perfectly weakened and nauseous. My joints are aching too.

I must have forgotten how being this sick feels, I ache at every heaving sensation I get.

I know it neither makes sense nor help to cry about how sick you feel. But out of sheer restlessness, I did. Believe me, I tried to keep it together. Especially that I had Mariko stay overnight. But I just couldn’t. And that is perfectly irrational.

I hope to get better soon. This is killing me. I’m like a baby who’d want to be taken care of. Unfortunately, I am all grown up…while apt support is given, I am left to my own misery.

Oh yeah? Well, you are too, you know. *scoffs